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Offset print on paper
Image Size: 12 x 17.75 in (each)
Paper Size: 14 x 20 in (each)
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(Set of Twelve)

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About Amit Ambalal - Limited edition offset print

A collision of colours. A turmoil of textures. A pandemonium of patterns. Anarchy drives the inhabitants of Amit Ambalal’s theatrical universe, where man, beast, and flora are engaged in rhythmic duels with each other.  They go about their lives and rule their own world, unaware of their creator. Amit elaborates on this, saying, “I don't decide what to paint before hand, the initial idea may be from a newspaper photograph I have seen in the morning or an antique sculpture. Then as I am painting something starts to grow inside that canvas, and that takes on the final form on the canvas.”
Like illustrations from news snippets meant to draw the reader’s attention to strange happenings, this collection of limited edition offset prints draws us into a world we can only imagine.

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