Why should my business sign up?

StoryLTD is run by Saffronart, one of the largest online auction houses in the world

  • Well established reach to discerning buyers of high-end products
  • Saffronart stands for credibility and authenticity
  • In-house experts who can advise on selection and salability

Online Model

  • Reach buyers across India and the globe who appreciate the convenience of online purchases
  • StoryLTD takes care of all online operations from presentation on our website to billing, shipping and customer support

Brand Exposure in the Right Context

  • Get your own branded presence on StoryLTD (for select brands)
  • We will promote your brand and products through PR, facebook, twitter, direct marketing and advertising
  • We prefer story-telling to hard selling! Share the story of your products using our platform.
  • You will be in the company of other quality brands – some well established and others young and ambitious - that have been selected to be part of the StoryLTD network.

How does it work?

  • Usually websites start off this section by saying “It’s simple!”. But we all know business is hard work. Having said that, we take care of the things we are good at (selling online), to leave you free to do the things you are good at (supplying beautiful things)
  • Unlike other sites, we’re selective about who sells with us and only accept a small percentage of applications. This is to ensure consistency about what our brand stands for and to be fair to partners such as yourself.
  • You send us information about yourself and some sample products, including pricing, details and images – even if informal. On this basis we have a conversation with you and agree on basic terms.
  • We don’t wait for the ink to dry on the contracts, before we start uploading your product information onto our systems.
  • Once your products are live on the website, we handle the ongoing marketing, e-commerce and administration elements of selling online so you don’t have to.
  • You get periodic reports and payments based on your sales through us.

Stores and Collections

Businesses – large or small – can set up their own branded “Stores” on StoryLTD, or you can provide products to be featured in a themed “Collection” on StoryLTD.

What is a Store?

Stores are a long-term branded presence for your business on StoryLTD, through which you may feature your products. Your store page will include an overview of your business and show only your products.
See some of the stores on StoryLTD.

What is a Collection?

Each collection on StoryLTD has been put together by our in-house specialists around a narrative - an account of a culture, place, custom, genre or technique; or around the sensibilities of a tastemaker.

See some of the current collections on StoryLTD.

What we are looking for

We are always looking for beautiful, rare, vintage or contemporary objects produced in limited quantities to include in our stores and collections on StoryLTD.

Some criteria we use:
  • If an older piece such as art or vintage jewellery or furniture, its rarity, significance and aesthetic appeal.
  • If new, is it unusual, a product of creativity and of high quality
  • Photographed well in a lifestyle setting or on a white background. If you don’t have images and can’t arrange photography, we can help.
  • Not readily available from other sources – other than your store or website. For unique items, we do ask that you sell exclusively through us so our buyers are not disappointed.
About your business
  • We mainly work with small to mid-sized businesses including design studios, galleries, collectors, manufacturers and dealers
  • Based anywhere in the world. We have offices in Mumbai, Delhi, London and New York that can coordinate with you
  • You must share our love for beautiful things (the proof will be in your products!)
If you would like to consign to us please send us the following information and details. Include whatever information is applicable to your business and objects.
  • A brief summary of your business including trading history, awards or recognition, locations, etc. If you are a new business don’t worry – you have to start somewhere and we want to help you grow!
  • Whether you want to establish a store or contribute objects to a collection. If the latter, let us know if you have ideas for what kinds of collections they could fit in.
  • Images of the objects
  • Details of the objects
  • for artworks - title, year, dimensions, signature etc.;
  • for jewelry – stones, carat weight, materials, etc
  • for other objects – style, materials, period, dimensions, etc
  • For re-sale of art, jewelry, watches and collectibles
  • Provenance (where and when you acquired the objects, and any known ownership prior to that)
  • Is authenticity documentation available? (e.g. invoices, authenticity certificates, expert opinion, photographs demonstrating authenticity, etc).
    You don’t need to send us the documentation at this point.
  • Current condition of the objects
  • Location of the objects
Please email these details to [email protected]

After our team of experts has received this information, they will decide whether we can include you on StoryLTD. Their final decision will be communicated to you.

What are the charges?

We work on a consignment basis. There is no upfront fee or fixed charge. Our commissions are applied to each sale that we generate for you. Please contact us for further details.

Seller FAQ’s

Do I have to pay an annual membership fee or listing fees?

There are no fees or charges to list products. You only pay a commission when we sell something.

Can you review my application without photographs of my products?
No, you will need to provide images of the products you would like to sell, either by sending us an e-mail or giving us a website address where your photographs can be found.

Do I need professional images of my products to be accepted?
Not initially but after you are accepted you will be expected to provide professional photographs or inform us and we will organize a photo shoot for you.

Why have I not heard from you in response to my application?

There could be several reasons for this:

  • Have you sent all details as requested above?
  • Have we received images of your products either through your website, a photo sharing website or as attachments to the email you will have received on application?
  • Has it been over 7 days since you sent us your product photography?
  • Have you ensured that your email spam and junk filters recognize as a safe contact so you can receive our email response?

If you have done all of these, please do get in touch.