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Absolute Tuesday: Hindoostan Photographed

24 November 2020

The auction explores the development of the revolutionary medium of photography and highlights the beauty with which India was recorded by early masters in the field. This auction brings together 75 lots which feature vintage photographs that illuminate the progression of sociopolitical life on the Indian subcontinent through ethnography, architecture, anthropology, topography and archaeology. The auction covers a wide range of subjects, beginning with the emergence of photography in 1840, and leading up to 1920. The photographs highlight the early history and development of commercial photographic studios and the expansion of official photography under the colonial administration. Prominent photographers in the auction include Lala Deen Dayal, Felice Beato, Samuel Bourne, Colin Murray, and Francis frith, among others. The auction comprises photographic albums, single photographs and stereoscopic cards amongst the various photographic techniques.