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Launched in 2013,StoryLTD (pronounced “Story Limited”) is a shopping and auction platform catering to our customers’ unique sense of style and aesthetics. From modern and contemporary art and books to jewellery, textiles, home décor and furniture, we offer buyers a unified and convenient shopping experience encompassing a diversity of styles, designs and periods. Browse through, learn the nuances of, and acquire some of the most coveted objects.

As a service of Saffronart, India’s leading auction house (est. 2000), we bring years of expertise to conducting online auctions. Our art auctions include leading names such as S H Raza, M F Husain, F N Souza, T Vaikuntam, Laxma Goud, Subodh Gupta, Bharti Kher, and Atul and Anju Dodiya. The traditions of Gond, Warli, Madhubani and Kalighat pats find a platform in our folk and tribal art auctions. Each work embodies the different aesthetic traditions practised throughout India. Since September 2015, our rare book auctions have brought many significant, limited edition books to the shelves of seasoned collectors and bibliophiles. Our auctions include film and sports memorabilia, British prints, and poster art.

StoryLTD’s shop offers an array of choices for buying Indian art online. We bring together select independent sellers and carefully curated collections featuring beautiful and significant objects from the past and present. Hidden behind each object is a unique narrative of its historic, aesthetic or cultural value: its “Story.” Everything on StoryLTD is “limited” in its uniqueness, availability or value; nothing is commonplace.

We are selective about who and what we feature, and many products are available exclusively through us. We are proud to have some of the leading designers, independent retailers, manufacturers, artists, collectors and dealers from India and around the globe as our partners.

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