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Offset print on paper
Paper Size: 20 x 14 in (each)
This item will be sold unframed, flat

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About Manu Parekh - Limited edition offset prints

Flower arrangement, as a theme in still life, has been popular in Europe since the 1600s, where detailed and realistic renderings of bouquets were often intended for a sophisticated audience. Manu Parekh uses this popular subject to explore his own formal and stylistic concerns, as was common with many Indian Modernists. These limited edition prints are a departure from his saturated landscapes of temples in Benaras set against twilight skies—a subject he is best known for. In some, the viewer glimpses bird-like forms amidst the picturesque arrangement of flowers, blurring the boundaries between the real and the perceived. Each work possesses a translucent, ethereal quality, and transcends the rules set by still life painting in the West.

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