From a limited edition of three hundred
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Signed in English (lower right)
Silkscreen on paper
A portfolio of ten prints
Each measuring 20 x 14 in (50 x 35 cm)

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About Jogen Chowdhury- Limited Edition Serigraphs

Jogen Chowdhury’s works are a confluence of traditional imagery and present-day concerns. His figures are portrayed with an acute sensitivity that reveals his Bengali upbringing. They have a “rubbery” feel to them; limbs and torsos contort in ways that open a window to the subject’s soul. This rubber-like quality has set the tone for all of his works, punctuated by thick, sinewy lines. 
In this collection of silkscreen prints, familiar domestic scenes morph into motifs bordering on tension. Plants, animals and people vainly attempt to burst out of their enclosures, but give up and turn inwards instead. Chowdhury layers his art with suggestions, exposing the vulnerability of each of his subjects.

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