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Akkitham Narayanan???s paintings are geometric configurations of abstract forms. With a predisposition towards the purity of geometry, he creates a fusion of Indian tantrik art and the European geometric art.

According to the artist, geometry comes from earth, a form of universal system, where everything appears simple and straight and therefore, rigid. But if we were to look at it in subjective manner, the perspective would change. Akkitham Narayanan???s creations are abstract in character, reflecting a deeper understanding of the nature and its varied colors and moods. The forms and colors that come repeatedly in his works remind the viewer of the chanting of a hymn, reverberating with the essence of life spirit.

The artist oversees the picture plane with a classification of space through lines, angles, squares, rectangles, and so on. There is a clever use of color within each space, which may be amorphous and smudged in some areas, or sharp in others. The blending of triangles and rectangles has a lyrical, emotive touch. Within these forms one can see thin lines suggestive of the forms of cloud and elements like fire and water. Also seen is the combination of archaic lines reminding one of letters and snakes. The artist has been inspired and influenced by traditional Kerala architecture. His colors come from the mural paintings that had inspired him during his childhood days. The color black that he uses on the canvases too reminds one of ancient Indian wall paintings and murals.

About Artistes indiens à Paris

In the mid-nineteenth century, Paris established itself as a Mecca of sorts for modern artists from all over the world. Following the Second World War and India’s independence, several Indian artists too travelled to Paris to soak in all they could of the art it offered and explore its cosmopolitan sophistication.

This collection of signed, limited edition serigraphs, lithographs and etchings showsthe diverse, creative practices of three Indian artists who spent a considerable time in Paris – S.H. Raza, SaktiBurman and Akkitham Narayanan. While Raza and Narayanan embraced abstract or non-objective idioms, Burman’s dreamscapes are populated by a host of figures, both real and mythical.

Together, these limited edition prints represent the ability of art to transcend geographic and cultural boundaries, and speak in a universal tongue.

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