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Impero Del Gran Mogol

Vincenzo Maria Coronelli, Impero Del Gran Mogol, Venice, Circa 1690s
18 x 24.5 in (45 x 61.2 cm)

A later hand-coloured copper engraved map of the Mughal Empire under Aurangzeb by Vincenzo Maria Coronelli, whose maps are known for their unique engraving style and visual impact. The map covers almost the whole of North India, extending from the Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal and from the Indus Valley to the Mekong River. This map features important regions and places such as Cabulistan, Kandauna, Harduari, Binsola, Burchar, Kachemire, Iamba, Ragepor, and others.

On the top corners are cartouches for title and dedication to Empire of the Great Mogol and to Girolamo Correr, a Venetian statesman (with a coat of arms). Both cartouches depict martial themes.

Influential Italian mapmaker Vincenzo Maria Coronelli (1650-1718) was known for his detailed and unique globes and atlases. Born to a tailor in Venice, Coronelli began working as an apprentice to a xylographer at a young age. Following an education in Venice and Rome, he earned a doctorate in theology, while also studying astronomy. In the late 1670s, he was commissioned to create a set of globes for the Duke of Parma. Coronelli later moved to Paris for two years where he would construct the King's huge globes, which were 12.5 feet in diameter and weighed 2 tonnes.

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