One of the pioneers of the illustrative field in India, the late Mario Miranda was an Indian cartoonist and painter well-known for his portrayal of everyday people, often in the form of caricatures, as well as depictions of popular places and various Indian cultures and customs. Miranda`s skilled draughtsmanship and brilliant mind captured ordinary moments, turning them into humorous encounters in his art.

A large body of Miranda`s works is inspired by his hometown of Loutolim in Goa, and ranges from quirky caricatures to poignant vignettes of Goan life. From his origins working for The Illustrated Weekly of India, to transforming popular restaurants with his campy murals, Miranda and his illustrations have made an indelible mark in India`s artistic and cultural history. In this auction, StoryLTD offers an exceptional collection of Miranda`s original illustrations and artworks, many of which have been featured in The Economic Times and Outlook Traveller, that speak volumes about his whimsical experiences and witty personality.

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