This auction has a large collection of rare, scarce and unusual books on Modern and Contemporary Indian art spanning over a period of last 140 years, which would be of interest to the discerning collectors and institutions looking for such material. The sale encompasses limited edition books and portfolios, volumes signed by artists, exhibition catalogues, elusive journals and magazines, art publications in vernacular, Calcutta Art Studio god prints as well as some ephemera. Apart from Ravi Varma, Nicholas Roerich, Sher-Gil, Sadequain, Chughtai and a large gamut of Bengal School artists beginning with the three Tagores the collection covers nearly all the artists up to Ram Kumar, Raza, Gaitonde and Padamsee and some lesser-known ones like Damerla Rama Rao as well. In addition there are pre-1947 art journals published in Calcutta and Bombay, often found mentioned only in academic footnotes, including an almost complete run of journals like Modern Review, Rupam, Roopalekha , Lalit Kala Contemporary and Chatterjee's Albums. To our knowledge, such voluminous amount of important and elusive material, overflowing with rarities of the first order, has never turned up in a sale anywhere thus far.

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