We are delighted to announce our upcoming Old Maps and Vintage Prints Auction, featuring a curated selection of 65 lots from various regions and time periods specific to India. The auction showcases a diverse range of antique maps, prints, and engravings, each with its unique history and aesthetic appeal.

The collection includes rare maps and engravings from the 16th and 20th century India. The works on offer come from a range of notable mapmakers and artists, including John Tallis, Gerard Mercator, Thomas Daniell, James Fraser, Emily Eden, Solvyns, among others. With a focus on topographical and historical pieces, we have gathered a captivating array of antique maps that are both informative and visually stunning.

This auction presents an exceptional opportunity for collectors, historians, and art enthusiasts to acquire unique and valuable pieces of historical significance. These rare works depict a plethora of subjects - from quotidian life, hunting scenes, court scenes, political events and cultural occasions of British India, to architecture and landscapes of the subcontinent. Embark on a journey through time and explore the beauty and history of these antique maps and prints. Browse our online catalogue, where you can bid on and acquire these remarkable treasures.

With No Reserve to hold you back, take a chance and bid on these lots between 8 am - 8 pm IST.

Sales touched a total of Rs 36,87,599(US $45,526)  Read more..

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