This Tuesday, StoryLTD features a diverse collection of 108 lots of rare books that explore the history and culture of India from multiple perspectives. Written by eminent Indian authors from the past, the books in the auction cover disciplines ranging from ancient Indian texts, religion and philosophy to history, ethnography, literature, travel, art, folklore, maritime, and much more.

The highlights of the auction include a signed copy of Rabindranath Tagore's The Crescent Moon that features eight coloured plates by Nandalal Bose; a collection of Ramananda Chatterjee's Modern Review (1929-1961), considered to be one of the earliest journals of Indian art, and features illustrations by some of the greatest Bengali artists of the time; and a collection of three newspaper articles published by Stockton Record, Call Bulletin and Daily News on the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi.

Sales touched a total of Rs 47,12,839(US $65,456)  Read more..

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