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Serigraphy on paper
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Raza's abstract expressionism gives way to a more controlled approach to abstract forms and spaces. An intersecting network of bold horizontal and diagonal lines and planes form the triangular symbols of purush and prakriti, or the male and female energies that combine to beget life, and support this heaving, expanding universe.

About Serigraphs V: S H Raza

Whether he was painting carefully constructed scapes in Paris in the 1950s, or maturing his art through geometric abstractions, India’s foremost modern painter S.H. Raza has always sought a diasporic engagement with his Indian roots. Raza's work, heavy with symbolism from Hindu metaphysics, explores concepts such as the Panchtatva (the five elements of nature) often exploding on his canvas in a palette of red, yellow, black, blue and white. 
At the centre of this is the Bindu—the ubiquitous black dot of Raza's oeuvre, that became the basis for many of his later works—which features significantly throughout this collection of serigraphs.

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