From a limited edition of Three hundred
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Signed in English (lower right)
Offset print on paper
Image Size: 12 x 15 in
Paper Size: 14 x 20 in
This item will be sold unframed, in a roll

StoryLTD Ref No: 48336
  • Rs 33,000 (exc GST)
  • $500


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About Manjit Bawa - Limited edition offset prints

Manjit Bawa breathes a vibrancy and vivacity that’s unimitable in his canvases. Colours don’t simply fill in blank spaces – they bend and merge, adding a luminescence to his rubbery, fluid figures. Familiar icons assume a new, unseen identity and form. Animals, humans, and their interaction with one another – whether references to mythology or scenes from the everyday in India – bear an undercurrent of suspense. Art critic Ina Puri notes that his work “strikes on because of its alienness, its separation from the is typical of Manjit to try and create new and unexplored forms in his art” This collection of limited edition prints collates scenes from Hindu mythology, presenting the viewer with unexplored visuals.

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