Mixed media installation
Height: 12 in (30.4 cm)
Width: 12 in (30.4 cm)
Depth: 8 in (20.3 cm)

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Aditi Singh creates a series of dolls she calls Drools. These creatures are humorous, scary, weird and playful, mirroring the full range of emotions children experience. The Drools are packaged in clear plastic bottles, resting in nests of colorful gauze.

About Seven Art

'Durant India Limited' operated under the brand name 'Seven Art' was founded in December 2008 in New Delhi. Initially presenting group and solo exhibitions reflecting various material and disciplinary positions including furniture design and other practitioners hovering on the border between art and design, the gallery soon began to focus on emerging fine artists working in a variety of media, showing primarily conceptual work. In 2010 it initiated a series of exhibitions entitled “First Showing” which gave a platform to young artists from India, Pakistan and the SE Asian diaspora who were yet to have a solo. From this wide group of practitioners the gallery picked up a number of artists who now form the core of the gallery's program which has narrowed to focus primarily on more conceptual and experimental positions.

This present collection of installations ranging from a stainless steel chandelier to upholstered chairs by Mithu Sen and Kumar Kanti Sen.

It attempts to shift from regular conventions of art. Over the past twenty years digital technologies have revolutionized both communications and image-making. This has had a profound effect on art practice and production, as more artists turn away from the traditional mediums of painting and sculpture and begin to work with photography, video and computer-derived forms. Art then becomes increasingly dematerialized, and more about image and idea than object. Much of the research into new forms and materials, which previously would have been channelled into sculpture, is then directed towards design and its various applications.

In addition to the core program of younger artists, Seven Art also works with more established artists on a project-to-project basis. Having participated in a number of international fairs and collaborated with other galleries from both India and elsewhere, Seven Art Limited now focuses on a select group of emerging artists working in painting, sculpture, photography, video and installation, several of whom are beginning to achieve critical recognition within India and abroad. The gallery maintains a strong interest in inter-disciplinary and more experimental directions, having supported ambitious, even “difficult” projects which are not commercially geared, carving out a niche for itself as one of India's most cutting edge spaces for art and discourse. Seven Art's initiative is fuelled by the drive to support and promote promising young artists working in a variety of media and practices, daring to support challenging works and unconventional forms both within the gallery walls and without. Seven Art Limited articulates its profile as a platform for emerging artists whose aesthetic and conceptual language is international on the one hand while also specifically rooted in the history and context of SE Asia on the other.

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