Signed in Devnagari (lower right)
Acrylic on canvas
91.4 cm x 73.7 cm   |  36 in x 29 in
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When she was young, Bhuri Bai would visit the local fairs that travelled to her village, and the colours she saw at these events inspired her to adopt a distinctively vibrant palette. One of the first women in her tribe to paint on paper and canvas, Bhuri Bai's works have been exhibited all over the world. A leading name in tribal Indian art, her works are vibrant and often depict the conflicing dynamics between men and women, and the relationship shared by men and animals in both rural and urban spaces.

About Gond Art

Tribal Art has an immediacy that few other art forms can boast of. In the words of the artists themselves they believe it to be a celebration of their own being.

Derived from Lore , the artists immediate environment & now exposure to to turban culture , these artists convey their ideas in a simple , organic visual language , untouched by the layers of formal Pedagogy

Their belief system is based on the sacredness of their environment - it being the source of their livelihood and nature . Their world is populated with their co - occupiers viz animals , birds and insects , who occupy their lore , art and music.

This allows them to develop their own visual rules of engaging with themselves & the viewer . They create their own color palettes , rules of perspective and composition.

What emerges are charming art expressions , all in their own language.

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