Indian Art

Valued for their tapestry-rich, historical influences, symbolic significances and their ability to form a unique connect with dedicated appreciators of art – Indian art is a décor of acquisition for most cultivated homes; just opt for the pieces and artists to nod to your personal tastes and sensibilities. From paintings and works that cover the ancient period, Islamic ascendancy, Colonialism, independence amongst several freedom movements, milestones, heritage and culture, Indian art is a highly coveted decorative form for our customers. From artists in the field, such as Basukinath Dagupta, Datta Bansode, Gopal Subhedar, J.M.S Mani, Sujata Achrekar, Sukanta Das amongst so many more Indian artists, buy Indian art that speaks to your soul and nods to your love and respect for Indian history and nationalistic splendour.
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