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Born in the village of Saheda in Bihar, Putli Ganju is a Sohrai artist who specialises in the Ganju-style execution of the artform. Predominantly practised by women in the community, the ..... 

Estimate: Rs 60,000-Rs 80,000 ( $835-$1,115 )

Untitled (Harmony of Life) (Sohrai Painting)

Signed in Devnagari (lower centre)

Natural pigments on canvas

35.5 x 46.75 in   |  90 x 119 cm

This work will be shipped unframed, stretched

Sohrai painting is one of the four prominent forms of tribal art found in the state of Jharkhand. The women of farming communities of Hazaribagh district maintain a vibrant tradition of mural painting practiced as a ritual art form known as Sohrai. Sohrai is the art of harvest festival in autumn, using red, black, yellow and white earth. Large voting images are painted with twigs and kuchis on the walls - bulls, horses with riders, wild animals, trees, lotuses, peacocks, and horned deities. Sohrai paintings are considered to be good luck paintings.