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Times of India Annual: 12 Issues - 1928 to 1939

Multiple Editors, Times of India Annual, Bombay: Times of India Press, 12 Issues - 1928 to 1939

Rebound in later half leather binding with gilt text on the spine
14.25 x 11 in (36.5 x 27.9 cm) (each)


The Times of India Annual magazine was published by the Times of India Press in Bombay. The magazine was published from 1919 to 1941 and again from 1949 to 1979. Between 1942 and 1948, the journal was called - Indian Annual.

These pre-independence issues are particularly attractive with numerous full bleed colour plates of paintings tipped-in on thick black sheets and paintings used as advertisements by some of the well known master artists and illustrators, apart from the interesting articles of that period. Individual plates are 9 1/2" x 7" full bleed mounted on card stock magazine pages and cover protected by a tissue page, suitable for framing.

The Times of India issued its first edition 3 November 1838 as The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce. In 1850, it began to publish daily editions. This lot includes also the 1939 centenary issue.

1928 issue: 4 plates illustrating Omar Khayyam's poem by W S Bagdatopulos; 5 - A west coast scene(by W S Bagdatopulos); 6 - A Street scene in Udaipur (by W S Bagdatopulos)

1929 issue: 3 plates by W S Bagdatopulos illustrating the poem titled "The Temple Bells", "Less than the Dust", "Kashmiri Song", "Till I Wake", from the book, "Indian Love Lyrics" by Laurence Hope; 4 - A Burmese water temple (by Loikaw)

1930 issue: 1 - A Zenana Interior (by Cecil L Burns); 2 - Palace Gossip (by Cecil L Burns); 3 - Shin-Laung; 4 - The Golden Temple of Amritsar and its tank: The Centre of the Sikh Religion

1931 issue: This magazine has 4 pieces of colour plate artworks by W S Bagdatopulos inside. 1 - Akbar sees his baby son for the first time; 2 - Pertap and his brother Sukta; 3 - Shivaji leaving Raigad in State; 4 - Meeting between Lord William Bentinck and the Sikh Ruler, Ranjit Singh; 5- The Death of Shah Jahan (by the late Cecil L Burns); 6 - Robert, Lord Clive (By Nathaniel Dance, R.A)

1932 issue: 1 - The Procession from the Palace (by W S Bagdatopulos); 2 - The Cave of the Nativity, Bethlehm (by Mrs P A F Stehenson, O.B.E.); 3 - In Achibal Gardens one of the Moghul Gardens of Kashmir (by Mrs Will); 4 - Votive Offerings (by P G Sirur); 5 - Moghul Fountains in a famous Kashmir Garden (by Mrs Will); 6 - A Wedding Procession at Benares (by Tony Royal)

1933 issue: 1 - A Buddhist Devotee at Darjeeling (by W S Bagdatopulos); 2 - The Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem (by P A F Stephenson, O.B.E.; 3 - At the village pond (by P G Sirur); 4 - Conversation Piece (by E G Macmillan); 5 - On the temple steps (by Miss D Newsome); 6 - In the shadow of the temple (by Miss D Newsome)

1934 issue: 1 - The tomb of Shaikh Salim (by W S Bagdatopulos); 2 - His Excellency the Earl of Willingdon, G.C.S.I., G.C.M.G., G.C.I.E., G.B.E., Viceroy and Governor- General of India, driving in State, with Her Excellency the Countess of Willingdon, C.I., G.B.E., past the great Secretariats, New Delhi; 3 - Shakuntala at the Hermitage (by G Sirur); 4 - The Taj Mahal from a new angle (by P G Sirur); 5 - A State Procession (by W S Bagdatopulos)

1935 issue: No tipped in plates but includes a number of colour and black and white plates and advertisements.

1936 issue: 1 - At The Well: Chitor; 2 - Jain Temple, Udaipur; 3 - Indian Gipsey Women; 4 - Lady Musician; 5 - Jumma Masjid; Friday Evening, Delhi; 6 - An Indian Musician; 7 - Golden Temple, Amritsar; 8 - Kiriwehera and Telawana, Rama, Polanaruwa, Ceylon. These are prints of water colour paintings by William Spencer Bagdatopulos. Plates are 9 1/2" x 7" full bleed mounted on card stock magazine pages and cover protected by a tissue page, suitable for framing.

1937 Issue: There are several tipped-in color plates: 3 plates illustrating the poem, "The Light of Asia" by Sir Edwin Arnold; 1 plate illustrating, "The End of the Pilgrimage", 4 - Jirgah on the North-West Frontier, 5 - Ganesh, Hindu Elephant God of Good Fortune, 6 - Picturesque Warrior From Udaipur, 7 - The Pipe of Peace. Articles include: Calcutta Under Cornwallis; An Adventure With A Tiger; Keep away from Port Said; Mogul & Rajput Painting; The Devil Fish; Coming and Going; Tubbus- An Odyssey; Sir Charles Napier as Governor of Sind; The "Purdahnishin" Ladies of the Mughal Court; The Cuckoo's Secret; A Tussle between Titans; The Shwe Dagon Pagoda, Rangoon; The Cinema in India; Some Aspects of Modern India - Air Transport And more!

1938 issue: 1 - A State Procession in an Indian State(by W S Bagdatopulos); 2 - After the Catch (by P G Sirur); 3 - The Young Prince's Birthday (by W S Bagdatopulos ); 4 - A Gujarati Bride (by Capt. Gladstone Solomon); 5 - An Early Morning Scene at the foot of Nanga Parbat (by P G Sirur); 6 - Ganpati Pooja(by Capt. Glads tone Solomon); 7 - Nasik (Panchvati) (by Miss M Henderson); 8 - A Singhalese Dancer (by Fritz Munich)

1939 issue: 1 - The Return from the well (by Capt. Gladstone Solomon); 2 - Festival of Ram Lila (by W S Bagdatopulos); 3 - Bharat Melao (by W S Bagdatopulos); 4 - Eve of the eclipse of the moon (by W S Bagdatopulos); 5 - "Jai Jangal Dhar Badshah!"; 6 - A Typical scene in the Sind Valley, Kashmir (by P G Sirur); 7 - The Famous Golden Temple of the Sikhs at Amritsar; 8 - The Muharram