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Estimate: Rs 22,000-Rs 28,000 ( $375-$475 )

Jogi Art

Signed in Devnagari (lower right)

Pen on paper

17.5 x 20.5 in   |  44.4 x 52.1 cm

This lot will be shipped unframed

The story of what is Jogi Art begins with Ganesh Jogi who was a singer musician from Rajasthan and made a living by singing devotional songs in return for grain. However with changing times he found it increasingly difficult to make a living. A chance meeting with Haku Shah the artist writer and cultural anthropologist, led to many changes in Ganesh’s life, Haku got him a job in a hotel as a singer and furthermore pushed him to draw. Gradually art became the mainstay of not only Ganesh but also his wife Teju Ben.

Along with his brother Prakash, Govind Jogi also followed in his parents footsteps and established himself as an artist. Practising in the same medium as the rest of his family, the artist likes to create images that tell stories of his life and those of others too. Both Prakash and Govind Jogi emphasise environmental and societal problems in their work, as well as illustrate growth and progress.