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N S HARSHA (b.1969)


N.S. Harsha’s work demonstrates his unique artistic practice based on the manipulation of traditional Indian miniature painting, known for its intricate illuminations and delicate..... 

Estimate: Rs 8,00,000-Rs 10,00,000 ( $13,335-$16,670 )

Quiz Book

Iron vessels, paper mache, handmade paper and dark stained water

Height: 79.5 in (201.9 cm)
Width: 37.5 in (95.2 cm)
Depth: 6 in (15.2 cm)

"In 2002, I was invited for a workshop and tour at a paper mill in Sirpur, Telangana. It was interesting to spend time looking at the production process of paper and, at the same time, wandering around this little town observing the dynamics and relationships of life around a factory in this remote part of India.

Since my interest was also to look out for a possible children's workshop in Sirpur, I was observing schools and their system of education. In the process, I asked for some local school text books to spend some time with. While reading, my thoughts went straight to a particular stage in the paper-making process, where clean white paper pulp floats out of dark toxic chemical bleaches. It is a strong reverse contrast where we have dark ink layered on paper for scripts of a text book. This situation somehow directly reflected the hardship, longings and anticipations of children from rural India and the idea of education as a lifeline for betterment. While immersed in these thoughts, I could only edit some lines and delete some words out of the same text book which would become a 'quiz book of life' for all of us. And the result was this piece...'' - The artist, commenting on the present lot