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Dodiya satisfies a deeply personal need to construct a genealogy of thought for himself when he paints Gandhi with Joseph Beuys, melding two neo-shamanic traditions together The difference between the Conceptual artist and the Mahatma, though, is that while the former acts out his subversions in the relatively safe and insured institutional space of the gallery, the latter took the rough terrain of society for his stage, risking the entire range of experiences that this implies - including melodrama, horror, rage and grief - and finally paying for his compassionate, visionary subversiveness with his life. The Conceptual artist provokes us into a recognition of political asymmetries and oppressive norms, as the Mahatma did; but the Mahatma also taught us to recognise the pain of the Other as our own pain, to heal the Other as we would ourselves, to embrace the possibility of reconciliation instead of honing the serrated edge of provocation.
(Ranjit Hoskote, "Re-imagining Bapu", An Artist of Non-violence, Gallery Chemould, Mumbai, pg.30-32)

About Atul Dodiya - Limited edition offset prints

The collection "Re-Imagining Bapu" includes limited edition prints of paintings from Atul Dodiya’s solo show, “An Artist of Non-violence”, held at Gallery Chemould in 1999. Among the artists and figures who fuelled his artistic creations, Mahatma Gandhi featured in a large body of works. His fascination with Gandhi resulted in a series of works featuring Bapu from the 1980s onwards. As art critic Ranjit Hoskote puts it, Gandhi does not appear in Dodiya’s works as a person in a familiar setting, but as a force to be reckoned with. They showcase Atul’s versatility as an artist, and a “spectrum of moods through which Bapu a peaceful revolutionary.” (Gallery Chemould exhibition catalogue, 1999)

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