From a limited edition of One hundred
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Silk screen on paper
Printed area size: 28.5 x 19 in
Sheet area size: 30 x 20 in
This item will be sold unframed, in a roll

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About Jatin Das - Limited Edition Serigraphs

“The human predicament and human body are my primary concerns, and have been all my life.”

Sculptor, muralist and painter Jatin Das draws out the innermost feelings of his subjects through his deft use of colour and line. His belief in the inherent energy of every element of life surfaces in each of his works.

This collection of silkscreen prints centres around Hindu spiritual beliefs and iconography. The figures echo the voluptuousness of classical Indian sculpture, but are not derivative of any style or technique. The lines pack force and fluidity; solid blocks of colour lend them form and volume. Throbbing with energy and motion, they encapsulate an integral part of Indian culture and identity.

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