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Graphics come alive on bodies through lovingly crafted Limited Edition prints created by Designosis graphic design studio.

Each form of fabric wears one of Kabir’s poems as translated by Arvind Krishna Mehrotra*. Vivid shapes and whispered words use the fluidity of fabric to become the conduit between the seen and unseen, inner and outer, spoken and heard.

The prints themselves are typographic explorations: each artwork celebrates the beauty of letter forms and their ability to evoke an idea as powerfully as any image. The intent of the professedly arcane art of arranging type- its selection, size, the spaces it occupies and those it doesn’t- is all about giving form to ideas.

DESIGNOSIS™ is a graphic design studio that specialises in developing visual identities. Our products are grounded in the same approach and aesthetic that have informed our professional practise for 25 years and counting: consistently high quality that is a result of tried and tested processes.

* Reproduced from Songs of Kabir with permission from the Author.