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Tableware from Code Silver

14 days, 11 hours and 7 minutes.

Now on StoryLTD - an exclusive collection of tableware comprising of bowls, dinner sets, coasters, napkin holders, napkin rings and spoon stands! Not only that, there are other unique items including Mughal Jali boxes and trays.

Code Silver:

On StoryLTD, Code Silver brings you a price exclusive dazzling collection of unusual designs in silver, unique concepts and exquisite artwork- an unusual melange of unusual items, objects d'art and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Code Silver's collection in silver displays beautiful cutwork, or naqashi. All the products show distinct techniques of moulding silver into ornamented objects, one of them being repousse, a technique through which a hammer is used to carve out designs on the reverse side of the metal.