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Eclectic Collection by Miranika

Miranika is an art form that gives the art lover an opportunity to savour the art they love at a more personal level. Encapsulated in each of our pieces, are one of a kind, miniaturised hand-made paintings that can be worn & treasured.

Our first collection and most experimental. The Eclectic collection celebrates the best in our artists drawing from a variety of diverse artistic movements. From the clean lines of minimalism, the impressionistic strokes of abstract to the geometric themes of Art Deco and rich traditional Indian patterns, you will find a myriad of colour and design. Like a master framer carefully gilts and mounts precious works, the pieces are designed to best showcase the art using modern & ancient designs and craftsmanship. Each piece is unique and allows the wearer to express her own individuality. Featuring artworks from all over India, our creations are artefacts of imagination and experimentation. The result is a collection that is as unified in its diversity as it is distinguished by its originality. A truly Eclectic collection.