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Oleograph on fabric and layers of paper
Size 16" X 12" without frame.
StoryLTD Ref No: 52152
  • Rs 28,000 (exc GST)
  • $425


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A decorated oleograph of Krishna printed in Germany. Comes in as is condition including the original frame as shown in the picture.

About The Amara Store

The AMARA Store is a treasure trove of timeless pieces for the home, housing a curated collection of beautifully crafted period furniture and rare antiques.

We carry a selection of art deco campaign and colonial furniture along with rare brass and bronze artifacts, antique brass lamps, wooden statues, polychrome vahanas/ sculptures from South India, vintage mechanical collectibles, enamel and glass ware as well as collector items such as Bhuta masks/idols from South Canara and Theyyam dance gear from Kerala.

Also available is a collection of traditional antique paintings in the Mysore and Tanjore styles along with oleographs by Ravi Varma, Ramanujam and others. All the articles offered by us are guaranteed to be authentic. Being located in Bangalore, we deal mainly with South Indian antiques and period furniture.

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