From a limited edition of Five hundred
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Offset print on paper
Image Size: 11.75 x 16.25 in
Paper Size: 13.75 x 18.25 in
This item will be sold unframed, in a roll

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About Jyoti Bhatt - Limited edition offset prints

Jyoti Bhatt has been lauded for his efforts to document rural life and their art forms in his paintings, prints, and photographs. His photographs are described by K. G. Subramanyan as a labour of love. As for his own experience as a photographer, Bhatt says, “Since the 1970s, I have concentrated on documenting living art in rural homes that have been rapidly disappearing because of modern, consumerist lifestyles. Not that this is the kind of photography I like doing or I am passionate about, but somebody has to document these lifestyles before they get lost forever.”
This collection of limited edition prints juxtaposes the everyday lives of village folk with the richness of certain indigenous art forms, now dying out owing to commercialisation.

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