Signed in Bengali and dated in English (lower left)
Oil on canvas
61 cm x 61 cm   |  24 in x 24 in
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Biplab Biswas born on 1949 in Behratpur a village near Kolkatta with education from Rabindra Bharti University, Kolkatta.

His collection evidently comes together as a well-drawn narrative, one that is resplendent and extremely enigmatic. This collection evokes a rich cultural ethos and heritage, which of a rich past India possessed .The paintings have an ethereal characteristic. His brush takes recourse to his past life in village Behratpur in Kolkata in almost all his creations. His creations speak of social truths. Here are some instances. A lonely boy from the village finds no friends in the big, bad city of Delhi. Brooding, he remembers the warmth in his hometown. A woman pleading with her man to give her space in his life turns blind, crying. But the man, forever lost in the thought of Lord Krishna, does not pay heed to his family responsibilities. Biplab s men are less forceful than his women in his oil works.

The colours the collection uses is so artistically crafted that while it showcases a colourful and bright Diaspora of Indian ethnicity, one cannot escape the illusion it creates on the canvas. The colours are magnificently used almost as a game to create mirages and conjure up hidden images in the minds eyes. The colours definitely accentuate the powerful metaphors excited through the collection, and the ambiguity of the many faceless characters of the narrative.

About Studio3

Studio3 offers a collection of paintings by upcoming contemporary artists from all over India. These artworks exemplify the diversity and richness of Indian art through varied use of colour, style, concept and emotion. While some artists illustrate the vibrancy and celebratory aspect of the country, others retain its poignancy.

Each artwork’s unique attributes are compelling insights into the hidden facets of India. Subodh Poddar uses graceful brushstrokes to conjure his ink paintings, using the contrasting elements of black and white to intensify emotion. On the other hand, Sushil Soni sticks to his traditional roots by portraying divine bodies.

Our collection of simplicity and intricacy, real and mythical, abstract and representational will lead you to a quest for answers.

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